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My focus: crafting films centered on your story. I invite you to learn more about my approach to creating your signature film and documenting memories made to last. 

You're here because you value the real things: moments full of life, joyful laughter, being unmistakably in love and a truly genuine heart.

let me guess:

I'm Devon and I'm so glad you're here. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana and ready to travel wherever your love takes you. I couldn't be more grateful to be filming weddings. In these last few years I've grown as a filmmaker and as a person because the impact the people I've met have had on my life.

A wedding is an incredibly valuable day. As a Christian, It carries even more value to me because of the relationship it represents between Christ and believers. I cherish each opportunity to highlight the celebration and sacredness of a day formed from love.

My Core Values:

always be authentic. capture the story, not just the visuals. 

people first. I love getting to know you as a true friend.

be genuine. your film should match your real story. together.

It all started with a kid and a camera, and a love to create. Growing up in a small town in mountains of Maine, it wasn't hard to find beauty in nature and scenery. Queue little Devon with a hiking stick and a camera. This is where it all began.

where it started

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Today, I'm a driven creative pursuing what was once just a dream. After life, marriage, and moving across the country, I rediscovered my love for video in 2020 and filmed my first wedding. Each wedding I am looking for something new and unique to bring to the table so your special memories are honored.

where I'm at now

See How It Started

My wife, Jen, and my two daughters Addie, & little girl on the way.

I believe Jesus is my Savior. My faith is the core of who I am today.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a trip to visit the mountains.


Now that you've read my story, I'd love to tell yours. Your wedding day isn't simply a date on the calendar-- It's a once in a lifetime celebration of a love that should be shared. As your love grows sweeter in the years to come, you'll have an heirloom and a legacy to carry with you into life.

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I'd be honored to capture your love story and truly get to know you both as a couple. I invite you to take a moment, complete your inquiry for and say hello!

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